Pitts, Fannie Minnie (Golombisky), Formerly of Marion Springs, Laingsburg and Owosso, Michigan

Was born on December 15, 1917 in Marion Springs, MI to the late Walter and Nettie (Phillips) Golombisky. 2nd born the late sister Nina who was 2 years older and the late brother Stanley 2 years younger fondly referred to as Buddy. Nettie (Mother) passed in 1920 in child birth of brother Stanley. At the age of 2, Fannie and Nina went to live with their great grandmother Lizzie Vincent. Her baby brother lived with an aunt, where he resided till manhood. Fannies Father Walter remarried in 1923 to Agnes Golombisky. The girls continued to live with their great grandmother and great grandfather. They enjoyed being raised on Merrill Rd. in Marion Springs. Fannie recalled being taught to cook, catching bullfrogs, visits with her father on the weekends, etc. At the age of 10, Fannie and Nina returned to live with their father and stepmother. They enjoyed the company of half siblings, the late brother Harold and the late sister Edna. Fannie recalls Helen being born that early summer of their return. Fannie enjoyed tagging along behind her father on the farm and so acquired the nickname "Shin". Over the next few years the late Clare (Buck) and the late Barbara were born. Fannies siblings continued to grow in number. After she had left home, the late frank and Joyce Rogers half sister were born. (After she was married). Memories shared of growing up in Marion Springs included walking to Marion Springs store to purchase supplies for the family and going to "House Dances". One of Fannies stories told how she and Nina stole the family car and crashed it into the barn. Fannie was always proud of her education. She kept her diploma until the 1990's. At that time she donated it to be hung in the "Fowler One Room School" that has been relocated and is currently being used as a "Historical Site". Hartley Outdoor Education Center. Fannie moved to downtown Brant and resided with the Mactalls. Her duties included cleaning the house and caring for their young son. Fannies occupation as a house keeper took her to Lansing. This is where she resided, when at age 19, she married Homer Bentley. They were married on May 29, 1937 in Laingsburg. During the earliest years of their marriage they resided in Greenville working as farm help. They also lived in Flint and both worked in the factory. Eventually Fannie and Homer bought a place in Laingsburg. Fannie enjoyed her work in the factories, Redmonds 4 years and Universal Electric at about 25 years. It was because of her honesty and directness that she kept the books for Homer's garage business and became the township treasurer. During their 47 year marriage, Fannie enjoyed traveling, outdoor sports, but probably most of all raising and showing beagles. Fannie spoke fondly of the support of her siblings during her loss of Homer in 1984. At age 68, November 4, 1985, she married Orbin Pitts. Fannie and Orbin moved to Owosso. Fannies marriage to Orbin brought new family and new adventures. Fannie enjoyed her 5 step children and 12 step grand children!! Most winters Fannie and Orbin spent in Florida. They were soon surrounded by siblings and nieces who had purchased property close by. They enjoyed multiple visits from other Michigan folks. Spring, Summer and Fall were spent in Michigan gardening, fishing, traveling and "Chasing grand kids around" to baseball games, swim meets, etc. Orbin predeceased Fannie in August 1997. In early 2006, Fannie relocated back to the Marion Springs area. Visitation will take place on Thursday, April 16, 2015 from 5-8 p.m. at the Misiuk Funeral Home of Chesaning The funeral service will take place on Friday, April 17, 2015 at the Misiuk Funeral Home of Chesaning at 11 a.m. Burial will take place at the Laingsburg Cemetery. www.misiukfuneralhome.com